3rd Joint International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies

Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt - Berlin • June 29 - July 2, 2023

Program Chairs:

Werner Heppt, MD
Sam Most, MD
Charles East, MD
Olivier Gerbault, MD
Ali Sajjadian, MD

Welcome to Berlin in June 2023!

It is a great honor to invite you to the third Joint Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Societies of Europe and US from June 29th to July 2nd 2023 in Berlin. The meeting, which takes place every two years, has developed into a global masters meeting where TOP surgeons from all over the world meet to present the latest trends.

The congress starts with a cadaver course with master dissections by four internationally renowned surgeons and continues with video presentations on state of the art techniques of preservation and reconstructive rhinoplasty, and minor and major revision surgery. Further hot topics are filler rhinoplasty, profiloplasty and the holistic care of rhinoplasty patients starting from preoperative analysis and simulation to skin care and tissue rejuvenation. Presentations of the latest technologies and instruments will update you on the current and upcoming innovations in the world of rhinoplasty.

The Global Masters Meeting Berlin 2023 is a unique meeting place for the world of rhinoplasty. Be inspired by the modern congress style, meet experts and friends from around the globe and enjoy the dazzling metropolis of Berlin!

Werner Heppt - MD

Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Sam Most - MD

The Rhinoplasty Society US

Program & Topics | June 29-July 2, 2023

Masterclass Cadaver Dissections with live streaming

Keynote Lectures and Round Tables

Assessment of the nose
The dorsum – Preservation or Structuring
Central pillar and alar support
Soft tissue and nostrils

Nasal tip
Avoiding problems and dealing with complications
Asymmetry and deviation
The most common cases you will do

Topics for Master Classes

Applied Anatomy
Inside and outside of Preservation Rhinoplasty
The hybrid concept
Secondary rhinoplasty
Rib reconstruction
My five key lessions in rhinoplasty – what I´ve learned
Filler Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic and power tool Rhinoplasty
Nasal lift with threads
Primary Rhinoplasty with Full Video from A-Z
Complication management – touch up and revision
Validation tools – PROM, 3D Imaging,
Cone-Beam CT, Airstream simulation
Media-Presentation and E-Consulting
Skin treatment and Tissue rejuvenation

Video Sessions

My Favorite Rhinoplasty Techniques
Premium Videos from faculty members

Invited Faculty

Jamil Ahmad, MD – USA
Mengyun Ao, MD – China
Fazil Apaydin, MD – Turkey
Hans Behrbohm, MD – Germany
Laurence Berkowitz, MD – USA
Eckart Buttler, MD – Germany
Baris Cakir, MD – Turkey
Jay Calvert, MD – USA
Nuri Celik, MD – Turkey
Nazim Cerkes, MD – Turkey
Roxana Cobo, MD – Colombia
Alwyn D`Souza, MD – UK
Andreas Dacho, MD – Germany
Richard Davis, MD – USA
Charles East, MD – UK
Jacqueline Eichhorn-Sens, MD – Germany
Mario Ferraz, MD – Brazil
Valerio Finocchi, MD – Italy
Hossam Foda, MD – Egypt
Olivier Gerbault, MD – France
Virendra Ghaisas, MD – India
Ashkan Ghavami, MD – USA

Henning Freiherr von Gregory, MD – Germany
Abdülkadir Göksel, MD – Turkey
Miguel Goncalves Ferreira, MD – Portugal
Wolfgang Gubisch, MD – Germany
Bahman Guyuron, MD – USA
Sebastian Haack, MD – Germany
Marcos Harel, MD – Israel
Martin Haug, MD – Switzerland
Werner Heppt, MD – Germany
Peter Hellings, MD – Belgium
Thomas Hundt, MD – Germany
Luiz Carlos Ishida, MD – Brazil
Hong Ryul Jin, MD – South Korea
Yong Ju Jang, MD – South Korea
Philip Jumeau, MD – Australia
Jose Jurado, MD – Brazil
Haldun Kamburoglu, MD – Turkey
Aaron Kosins, MD – USA
Konstantin Lipski, MD – Russia
Hao Liu, MD – China
Stefan Maas, MD – Germany
Alessandro Martins, MD – Brazil
Cameron Mcintosh, MD – South Africa

Sam Most, MD – USA
Carlos Neves, MD – Portugal
Peter Palhazi, MD – Hungary
Lucas Patrocinio, MD – Brazil
Santdeep Paun, MD – UK
Frank Riedel, MD – Germany
Enrico Robotti, MD – Italy
Rod J. Rohrich, MD – USA
Julian Rowe-Jones, MD – UK
Yves Saban, MD – France
Ali Sajjadian, MD – USA
Hesham Saleh, MD – UK
Helena Silveira, MD – Portugal
Antonio Sousa Vieira, MD – Portugal
Derek Steinbacher, MD – USA
Man Koon Suh, MD – Korea
Abel Jan Tasman, MD – Switzerland
Dean Toriumi, MD – USA
Sandeep Uppal, MD – Singapore
Brian Wong, MD – USA
Jochen Wurm, MD – Germany
Liang Xiaojian, MD – China
Vitaly Zholtikov, MD – Russia

as of October 21, 2022


Registration Live: November 2022
Early Hotel Reservation: November 2022
Early Registration Deadline: January 31, 2023

Congress Organization

Reitmorstraße 25,
D-80538 München
Phone: +49-89-1890460
Fax: +49-89-18904616

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